The Netsonda team is composed of qualified professionals, properly trained in social sciences, statistics and new information technology.

Meet the Netsonda team:

Tiago Cabral
Tiago CabralPartner & CEO
Francisco Cabral
Francisco CabralPartner
Miguel Novais
Miguel NovaisPartner
Madalena Lupi
Madalena LupiQualitative Research
Paula Parreira
Paula ParreiraQualitative Research
Marta Vital
Marta VitalQuantitative Research
Isabel Moreira
Isabel MoreiraQuantitative Research
Jorge Amaral
Jorge AmaralQuantitative Research
Diana Lourenço
Diana LourençoQuantitative Research
Raquel Rocha
Raquel RochaQuantitative Research
Catarina Azevedo
Catarina AzevedoQuantitative Research
António Fezas Vital
António Fezas VitalOperations
Sebastião Machado
Sebastião MachadoOperations
Gisela Rocha
Gisela RochaOperations
Teresa Martins
Teresa MartinsOperations