painel netsonda

About the Panel

Netsonda was the first company in Portugal to operate with opinion online panels, currently holding the largest online panel in the country.

Netsonda integrates an international network with access to over 149.000.000 consumers in more than 130 countries around the world.

The recruitment for Netsonda’s online panels is made from multiple sources, providing them with the crucial variety needed to cover all the social-demographic profiles.

The Netsonda Panel is registered on CNPD and its only purpose is to be used on market research projects. The registration on Netsonda’s Panel is done willingly by people and it’s subject to a set of validations and an ongoing quality control.

All of this allows Netsonda to obtain high quality answers for its clients at a competitive cost.

Netsonda’s Online Panel is also available to all market research and consulting companies as an effective and competitive fieldwork solution.