Qualitative Research

We know that reality is complex and multifaceted, and that its understanding requires diversified approaches ranging from Focus Group to consumer experience, through qualitative solutions online.

For these reasons we have been developing, with our customers, products, approaches and methodologies increasingly tailored to each challenge.

We use an extensive and varied group of methodologies and qualitative techniques combined and implemented according to the needs of each project.

Since 2000 to innovate, Netsonda has strengthened its presence in the market of qualitative studies, introducing innovation and disruption, using technological platforms for the safe conduct of projects, of which we highlight:

  • Focus Group (Face-to-Face and Online)
  • Individual, duals and triad interviews (Face-to-face and Online).
  • Observations (point of sale, at home …)
  • Ethnographic studies (“living with the consumer”)
  • Design and association techniques
  • Brand and product positioning maps
  • Consumer Communities (Face-to-Face and Online)
  • Usability studies
  • Workshops Tailor Made

We have our own facilities for qualitative studies, in Lisbon, in a central location, for the comfort of its participants and customers.

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